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"The future belongs to those who produce what they create."--Steven Fales

I believe "the extraordinary artist" not only does outstanding work but gets their work out there. You have to take responsibility for making it happen! Let me help you realize your creative and artistic dreams as I work on my own! What you care enough to create you can care about just as much to produce. Let's unleash your producer gene. You really can do it yourself and create the team to help you do it. Let me be on your team.

"Steven Fales has a gift for igniting the creativity of others."--Julia Cameron

Steven Fales is a featured artist and friend in "The Creative Life" by Julia Cameron. She has personally granted him permission to teach and lead her "The Artist's Way" courses.

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I have coached and consulted countless artists. Contact me directly to schedule your first session. Special rates for multiple session packages.


Former Clients and Past Projects

List of former projects and clients.

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Past directors and coaches I have worked with specifically on solo performance include Roger Benington, Matthew Corizine, Stephen Rosenfield, Jack Hofsiss, Larry Moss, Mark Finley, and Scott Schwartz. 

Creative mentors and advisers who I have consulted with on my solo work with include Julia Cameron, Moises Kaufman, Richard-Jay Alexander, Robert Rosen, Joe Watson, Seth Goldstein, Ira Gilbert, Leslie Jordan, Bruce Vilanch, and others. 

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