Causes and Charities

Ending Sex Slavery & Human Trafficking

Helping victims of human trafficking and assisting sex workers to transition out of the industry. Preventing our youth from being exploited through education and honest discussion.

Parental Rights

Preventing "Parental Alienation" and fighting for 50/50 shared parenting  after divorce. Groups include the National Parent Organization and the Fathers Rights Movement.


Mental Health

Marriage Equality

Spiritual Abuse & Religious Violence

Cult Watch & Detox

Helping folks detach and detox from cults, educate about cult characteristics and tactics, and increase intellectual honesty, improve critical thinking, curiosity, and  emotional maturity.

Suicide Prevention

Preventing suicide through reducing suicide contagion.

Stopping Conversion/Reparative Therapy and the Ex-Gay Movement

Fitness Over 40

Physical and sexual health for fellas over 40.

Sensual Revolution

Mormondom 101

Smoking Cessation

ChemSex Dangers

Cautioning about the triangle between the internet, 

party drugs (e,g,t, etc.), Viagra.  And how the apps are the portal to the underworld: drugs, porn, prostitution, and human trafficking.